Best Deep Fryer Info

What kind of oil do you use a deep fryer?

I love using peanut oil because it absorb a lot of heat without burning. Experiment with different kinds of oil though, each will give a unique flavor to your food. Some people even enjoy the taste of using olive oil.

How long do you keep the oil?

It largely depends on how often you're using it. If you use your deep fryer every few days, then you should probably change it after a month or 2.
Even if you have the best deep fryer on the market, you still need to be sure to follow these important safety tips.
  • Don't overdo it, use only as much oil as you need! You want to put the turkey in the pot and fill with water until it covers the bird. Then take the turkey and mark the water level. Dump out the water and fill the pot with oil to your mark. In this way, you have the perfect amount of oil.
  • Make sure to dry the turkey before putting it in the fryer. Water and hot oil do not mix, and there can be some scary consequences if you don't follow this. Any water on the birds will instantly boil and spit incredibly hot oil out and possibly on to you.
  • Peanut oil is because it is preferred because it has a high smoke point, but it will burn if it gets too hot. Keep it below 375, max.
  • Never leave your fryer unsupervised. You need to be keeping an eye on the oil temperature, and any curious children or pets could be severely injured.
  • Do this outside, and obviously away from anything which might be flammable. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher around. Don't use water to put out an oil fire, it just makes it worse.


  • That's a good question, normally I deep fry my turkey at around 350 for 3 1/2 minutes per pound.
  • A little trick I use is to bring the oil up to 375 before dropping in the turkey, because a bird will cause the temperature to drop rapidly! If the oil is not hot, it can seep into the bird, and it will be fat and skin will not be crisp.
  • Be sure to find the best deep fryer with a large capacity, this isn't an easy fry so make it easier on yourself with good equipment
Oil and food are the source of the odor you're seeking to eliminate. While you're doing your deep frying, microscopic particles of oil are given off. To eliminate these problems, you want to invest in the best deep fryer with features such as a robust lid.  A fryer with a lid that is used during cooking will help. Also, try using an oil with a high smoking point, and you won't get the unpleasant burning smell.